Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Artist: James Jean





I'm constantly looking for inspiration all around whether they're from nature, designers, people, or music, and rather feeling super UNinspirational & lethargic today, I decided to browse through my files on my laptop, and organize them... destiny perhaps? I re-found my "lost" file aptly named "James Jean" under my artists/art category, and VOILA.
I've known and been exposed to James Jean's artwork a few years back through his project with Prada (CLICK to see VIDEO). Since then, I've fallen in love with his works!
They're sort of dark in  a way, but very eccentric, and beautiful at the same time which is one of the reasons I was so naturally attracted to his art. 


For more of his works and info, go to JAMES JEAN

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent Buys <3

I bought them just recently and I can't wait to wear them!!! Unfortunately, the streets in Boston are not high-heel friendly. . . booo~
Mommy will take good care of you though <3

Christian Louboutin Pigalle nude & black lace
These beautiful pair of CL's make me feel like royalty! hehe jk
The lace details are so gorgeous and beautifully placed on the nude background.
I'm thinking about wearing them with my classic, black dress for a feminine, classy, & elegant look <3

These are SUPER sexxxyyy!
When I got them, I literally gagged, and I just couldn't stop drooling!! :)..
I'm probably going to save these for my 21st birthday, and wear them with my nude boy-friend blazer from Zara <3

much love, xoxo